Nichols Judge Assails Prosecutor Over Jurors


Terry Nichols was a “partner in terror” with Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh, charged a prosecutor in Nichols’s state murder trial. The Oklahoman reported that jurors were told Nichols was mostly responsible for gathering and buying the ingredients for the “huge, monstrous bomb” that exploded at the Oklahoma City federal building on April 19, 1995.

Prosecutor Lou Keel said Nichols bought 2 tons of fertilizer in Kansas, robbed a gun collector in Arkansas, stole explosives from a rock quarry in Kansas, helped buy racing fuel in Texas, and helped McVeigh stash a getaway car in Oklahoma City. Jurors were told their motive was a hatred of the federal government.

The judge excused two jurors and an alternate who are cousins of an Oklahoma County prosecutor. Judge Steven Taylor said he was “very, very, very disappointed” to learn of the link only after jury selection ended. He said prosecutors knew of the relationship and were “wrong” not to tell him then. He called their conduct “inexcusable” and warned he will dismiss the case “if we run out of jurors.”


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