4-Year-Old Brings $7,500 In Crack To Head Start


A 4-year-old Indianapolis Head Start student brought $7,500 in crack cocaine to school yesterday, eagerly showing it to other students and explaining that it was flour, says the Indidnapolis Star. “Obviously, these parents aren’t going to get any Parent of the Year awards,” said Police Sgt. Roger Tuchek. “This could have killed these kids,” he said. “A lot of kids were put at risk.” The boy had about 370 doses. “It’s rare for kids to go to school with crack cocaine . . . ,” Tuchek said. “In my 18 years on the force, that is the second-most amount of drugs I’ve seen one person carry.”

Link: http://www.indystar.com/articles/2/131773-2332-092.html

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