Stewart Asks Friends To Defend Her Integrity


Federal Judge Miriam Goldman Cedarbaum apparently should prepare for a barrage of letters from friends of Martha Stewart seeking leniency on her stock-charge conviction. The New York Daily News says that Stewart is asking about 100 friend to write Cedarbaum, who could sentence Stewart to 10 to 16 months in prison in June.

In a letter posted by a recipient on, Stewart asks friends to tell the judge “your opinion of my character, my work ethic, my integrity and my probity.” She also requested descriptions of “any memorable experiences you have had with me.”

Stewart spokesman George Sard said, “It is standard practice in the sentencing process to explain to people who’ve expressed interest in writing letters of support how to go about doing it.” The Daily News says that Stewart will ask the judge for a sentence lighter than the recommended 10-to-16 months, likely arguing that her conviction on four felony counts was an aberrant incident of bad behavior.

The letters are meant to demonstrate that except for the times she lied to the FBI, the U.S. Attorney, and the Securities and Exchange Commission Stewart, 62, has been a model citizen. The Daily News says that using that argument could allow prosecutors to bring up other incidents in Stewart’s past, such as a 2000 tax case in which a judge questioned her credibility.


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