Salesman’s Sleuthing Led To Sniper Suspect Arrest


The arrest of Ohio sniper suspect Charles McCoy, Jr., was credited by the Las Vegas Review-Journal to “an alert [man’s] amateur sleuthing.” McCoy, 28, was arrested yesterday. Police credited Conrad Malsom, 60, who mounted his own investigation after recognizing McCoy at a casino Tuesday afternoon. About midnight, he found the suspect’s parked and summoned police. “It was really handed to us,” said Las Vegas police Sgt. Raymond Reyes.

Malsom, a bald and bespectacled salesman from Wisconsin, said, “I was determined because when I stared face to face with him, I knew who that was.”

McCoy was booked into a detention center after being questioned by Ohio investigators who flew in hours after his capture. “He clammed up and didn’t want to talk to anybody but the Ohio authorities, and when they got here, he supposedly didn’t have much to say to them either,” said a Las Vegas police official.

McCoy is scheduled to make his initial appearance in court tomorrow and could be extradited as soon as the weekend.

Franklin County, Ohio, prosecutor Ron O’Brien said news of McCoy’s capture only 36 hours after investigators identified him as the sniper suspect produced “a sense of relief both by the victims’ families and the community at large.”


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