Critics Assail Front-Page Photo Of Suicide Jump


Critics are taking the New York Post to task for publishing a front-page photo of a New York University coed jumping to her death from an apartment building. “It’s horrible. They shouldn’t have put it in. It’s completely distasteful,” said freshman Eileen Destri, 18, told the rival New York Daily News.

NYU spokesman John Beckman also criticized the Post, which had printed the picture in Sunday’s paper before learning that the victim was a student. “It seems to show an appalling lack of judgment and insensitivity to the young woman’s family and a disregard for the feelings of students at NYU,” he said.

Mental health experts said the photo could entice other students to see suicide as a path to fame. NYU officials are concerned because the woman was the fourth student to kill herself in recent months. “This kind of outrageous photo almost encourages people who may be considering suicide -it dramatizes suicide as an option,” said Richard Shadick, director of the Counseling Center at Pace University. “It’s reckless.”

The Daily News said that the Post’s editor was not available for comment.


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