Vigilante “Perverted Justice” Gets Net Solicitors


Five minutes into an Internet chat with a 14-year-old girl, Ray Dooley's conversation turned from snowboarding to sex. Enticed by “Rachel,” Dooley, 23, drove 50 miles the next day, apparently expecting to see her in a short leather skirt. Instead, the Michigan man met a camera crew, says the Detroit News. He was caught not by police, but by the civilian-led vigilante Web site Perverted Justice, who posed in the chat room as Rachel and then posted Dooley's picture, phone number, and chat details online.

Dooley is one of about 40 Michigan men whom the Web site has embarrassed as “wanna-be pedophiles” in its controversial effort to keep the Internet safe for kids. Many law enforcement officials say the site leads to few arrests and may even impede growing efforts to police the Web. “It helps to educate parents and make them aware how big of a problem this is,” said Wayne County Deputy Bill Liczbinski. “But from a law enforcement standpoint, those people should be in jail. It's one thing to put their picture up on the Web site and embarrass them, it's another to make them pay for the crime they committed.”

One in five youths ages 10-17 received a sexual solicitation over the Internet in the past year, according to a survey by the Crimes Against Children Research Center, based at the University of New Hampshire. One in four kids had an unwanted exposure to pictures of naked people or sex within the last year, the survey found.


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