Motive Puzzles Cops in Murders of San Jose Sikhs


Just before he opened fire on a group of elderly Sikhs at a San Jose park during the weekend, a witness said the gunman shouted in Punjabi, “I’ll kill every one of you.”

Moments later, three men lay dead and three others wounded. The gunman, identified as a fellow Sikh, Ranbir Singh, 43, died as witnesses subdued him.

Police do not know why Singh opened fire on the group of men playing cards, according to the San Jose Mercury News, although they speculated he may have blamed one of his victims for any number of personal problems.

Singh had worked as a driver at San Jose Mineta International Airport and an $18,000-a-year electronics assembler. But in recent years, he was unemployed, separated from his wife and apparently isolated from fellow Sikhs.

Court records indicate he had a history of violence. Two years ago, his wife reported he had threatened to kill her. And in 1996, he was charged with a misdemeanor for allegedly battering one of his children.


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