Colorado Group Hails Law That Closed Gun-Show Loophole


Colorado exported fewer guns used to commit crimes after enacting a law requiring background checks on all gun-show sales, according to a group campaigning for a similar national law.

In a report, Americans for Gun Safety also concluded that the top 15 “crime gun export” states permit people to acquire firearms without criminal background checks at gun shows, according to the Denver Post.

The group timed its report to coincide with upcoming votes in Congress on firearms laws.

Its conclusions were based on 36,828 federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms criminal traces of guns purchased in one state but used for criminal purposes in another.

According to Deborah Barron, a spokeswoman for Americans for Gun Safety, Colorado’s per-capita ranking as a crime-gun exporter dropped from 17th to 27th in the year after it began requiring background checks on all gun- show sales.

“Colorado is proof that closing the gun-show loophole results in fewer crime guns being tracked across state lines,” Barron said.


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