Video Voyeurism Targeted In Florida, Other States


“Upskirting” and other forms of video voyeurism are under attack in the Florida legislature and elsewhere. The Miami Herald reports that a House committee yesterday approved a bill that would penalize the practice; a Senate panel has approved a similar measure. Under one proposal, not only would “upskirting” become illegal, but so would passing such photos along on the Internet. Florida anti-voyeurism laws apply to locations thought to be private, such as dressing rooms or bathrooms.

Several states, including New York, California, Louisiana and Hawaii, have passed laws targeting video voyeurism, with others such as Maryland considering doing the same. A federal bill passed the U.S. Senate and is pending in the House.

Some companies, worried about industry secrets being photographed and passed along, have prohibited employees from bringing cellphone/digital camera devices to work. Gyms and health clubs nationwide have banned camera phones from being brought near locker rooms.

Florida lawmakers are not targeting any specific technologies such as cellphones or miniature digital cameras, limiting their crackdown efforts to people who misuse them to violate others’ privacy.


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