Federal Prosecutor’s Death–Possible Suicide?


The investigation into the mysterious death of Baltimore federal prosecutor Jonathan Luna has taken a new twist. It appears that he was wounded with his own pocketknife, raising the possibility that he committed suicide, says the Baltimore Sun. Luna was stabbed 36 times and found Dec. 4 facedown in a shallow creek in rural Pennsylvania, where he drowned. His car was nearby, engine running.

It was initially assumed that Luna, 38, had been murdered. The suicide theory has been met with sharp skepticism among some investigators, says the Sun. The prosecutor was due in federal court in downtown Baltimore to handle a drug case on the day that he was found dead. Investigators found no evidence that his death was related to his work, and instead have closely combed Luna’s personal life for clues.

In recent days, investigators have turned their attention to the disappearance of about $36,000 introduced as evidence in a bank robbery trial that Luna prosecuted in September 2002. Investigators are examining a loan application that Luna filled out online about the time of the trial; the application was for about $30,000, and it was canceled not long after the period when the evidence money was discovered missing. Investigators have asked the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology to examine medical and psychological evidence in the case.


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