Ohio Sniper Shootings Not Causing Local Panic


Ohio’s highway shooter made his most brazen attack Sunday morning, firing bullets into two cars from two overpasses in a lightly populated area 40 miles south of Columbus. USA Today notes that the unpredictable gunman has fired at least 23 times since May at cars, trucks, a school bus, and buildings, killing one driver.

The newspaper says that although some people are worried, the shootings has not created the fear that gripped the region around Washington, D.C., in 2002 when two snipers killed 10 people in three weeks.

“It used to be something that happened 40 or 50 miles away,” said Roger Blackburn of Fayette County, Ohio, Chamber of Commerce. “Now it’s in our backyard. But the fear factor is not great. The average person isn’t going to stop driving on the highway.”

Residents and travelers here are watching for anything suspicious, but their concern is not keeping them indoors or paralyzing their lives. “We’re not afraid,” says Steve Pond, an insurance agent in Washington Court House, Ohio. “We think he just picked out a random exit on Interstate 71 and it was ours.” The stretch of I-71 between Columbus and Cincinnati carries 34,000 cars each day. Police continue to swarm the area in marked and unmarked cars. Police cruisers are parked at many breaks in the median.

Link: http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2004-02-10-ohio-sniper_x.htm

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