N.H. Governor On Criminal Jury. Verdict: Innocent


New Hampshire Gov. Craig Benson served on a jury that acquitted a man yesterday who was charged with hitting someone with a beer bottle. “I am having fun getting picked for jury duty,” Benson said. “I think it's a great thing to do. In fact, two jurors thanked me for what I'm doing. Well, I thanked them for serving.”

Last week, Benson was removed from a deliberating jury deciding a child sex abuse case after he was asked by a reporter if he was aware the defense had asked to have him removed. The judge did not want that information to compromise the integrity of the process. The defendant was found innocent.

The governor is in the midst of a monthlong jury duty stint that ends the week of Feb. 23.

Link: http://www4.fosters.com/news2004/February2004/February_11/News/reg_nh0211j.asp

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