Colorado Lawmakers Kill Controversial Gun Bills


Two of Colorado’s high-profile gun bills were defeated this week, leaving little chance that looser firearms rules will be passed this year. The Denver Post reports that key legislators agreed the gun measures were killed in part because Republican leaders don’t want to vote on such a divisive issue in an election year.

Last year, lawmakers passed rules for carrying concealed weapons and barred local communities from enforcing tougher gun rules than the state’s.

This session, Republican Greg Brophy sponsored a bill that would have allowed citizens who can legally possess a handgun to carry a concealed one without a permit. The measure was killed by a committee yesterday. “Republicans shouldn’t run from this issue,” Brophy said. Votes on loosening gun rules can energize the party’s conservative base, he added.

The sponsor of another controversial gun measure also anticipated a tough fight if his bill had been debated on the floor. Republican Ray Rose introduced his bill because, under current law, if a gun-show merchant talks to a customer about selling a gun but the customer doesn’t buy it, the vendor must still do a background check on the customer. His bill would have ended that requirement. “If I attempt to sell you a gun and you don’t buy it, why should you have a background check?” he said.


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