Indianapolis Solves Cases With Palm Scan Evidence


A $3 million system that scans the palms of arrestees has helped police solve crimes, reports the Indianapolis star. Police say palms make up about four out of every 10 prints found at the scene of a crime. Other agencies have the capability of computer-scanned palms and fingerprints, but the Indianapolis Police Department may be the first in the nation to develop an integrated system that does both.

Marion County has 19,000 palm prints on record, compared with about 400,000 fingerprints. Since it was started in mid-July, the scanner system has produced 265 fingerprint matches and 101 palm print matches. The palm print technology is credited with helping homicide detectives confirm the identities of two people charged in an October homicide. A juvenile who was arrested in December on an unrelated offense had his palm scanned, and that matched with the palm print on a car. During questioning, the juvenile placed two suspects at the scene of the death, helping corroborate the arrests.

After scanning a palm, a computer interprets minute points between lines in a print and plots those. Then, searches are conducted.


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