Ca. Prisons Face Probe By Schwarzenegger Panel


California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger will name a special commission to investigate problems in the state prison system. He said in a talk radio interview, reports the Sacramento Bee, that the panel would “really study the whole prison system Â… the overspending that has occurred, why is this kind of corruption going on. Then the code of silence, all of those things. We want to clean the place up. We want to really bring order in there, because it can’t continue on like that. I’ve campaigned on that, that if I see something wrong with government, I want to fix it.”

The “code of silence” remark referred to a report commissioned by a federal judge that said guards are reluctant to expose wrongdoing in their ranks and intimidate colleagues who want to come forward. Schwarzenegger said on KFBK radio in Sacramento that, “the only way to do it is, I think, by setting up an outside commission. Let them go in there and really clean up the mess, because we don’t (want) to continue the way it is right now.”

Schwarzenegger’s comments came amid criticism in the Legislature and elsewhere of his proposal to cut the budget for the independent inspector general’s office, which is charged with investigating prison corruption. Although he called the agency a “waste” and said it hadn’t done “the job that they were supposed to do,” Schwarzenegger said he was willing to re-evaluate the proposal.


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