Task-Force Approach Thwarts White Supremacist Gang


A multi-agency law enforcement assault appears to be thwarting the growth in California of the Nazi Low Riders, a prison-based white supremacist gang that burgeoned in the 1990s.

A task force of federal, state and local law enforcers has made a series of arrests and won racketeering indictments against the NLR, as it is known, reports the Los Angeles Times.

The task force has made 263 arrests on state charges in the Ontario, Calif., area and 13 federal arrests. It has obtained 28 federal indictments, 41 state convictions and 20 federal convictions. The federal convictions include those of 12 gang leaders and soldiers indicted for racketeering. Seven members have pleaded guilty. Five more await trial in May.

The Times said NLR emerged in California prisons in the late 1990s to fill a vaccuum created by the break up by corrections officials of an entrenched white supremacist gang, the Aryan Brotherhood.

The gangs use violence and intimidation to control prison drug trafficking. Outside of prisons, NLR created criminal franchises in California cities. Local law enforcers and the state’s Department of Corrections had little luck containing the growing gang, but the task force approach has apparently stymied its spread, the Times reports.

Link: http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-onthelaw30jan30,1,1678727.story?coll=la-headlines-california

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