CU Says Sex for Sports Recruits Was Consensual, Not an Incentive


The University of Colorado denied reports that sex with female students was dangled as a recruitment tool for prospective male athletes.

In a court deposition reported by the Colorado media, Boulder County District Attorney Mary Keenan said “sex is being used as a bartering tool” at the university’s recruiting parties.

The Boulder Daily Camera quoted Keenan as saying, “They were told they were going to get laid, we’ll get you sex, sex Thursday night, they’re going to get sex Friday night, oh, I’m sorry you missed it Thursday night, we’ll make sure you get it tonight. Come here, we’re the Big 12 champions, it’s like this all the time.”

University of Colorado leaders denied the claims, and Gov. Bill Owens demanded accountability for the accusation.

“Neither myself nor any of my coaches have ever encouraged or condoned sex as part of the recruiting process, period,” head football Coach Gary Barnett said. He called Keenan’s accusation “wrong, inaccurate – a lie.”

Keenan was deposed in October for a lawsuit against CU by a former student who claims the university fostered an atmosphere of sexual harassment that led to her being raped by two football recruits at a Dec. 7, 2001, party.

University officials conceded that football players and recruits had sex with female students at recruiting parties that December. But they said the sex was consensual. Similar charges were raised after another recruiting party four years earlier.


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