Tower Removes Antipolice CD On Sheriff’s Complaint


Tower Records stores in Phoenix removed a locally produced rap CD from its shelves after Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio complained that it contains anti-police lyrics and a raunchy drawing of the sheriff, reports the Arizona Republic. “You can’t get much lower than he has with this record about police,” Arpaio said, referring to a former inmate who created the CD. “Our police officers risk their lives every day. We don’t need some punk advocating killing police. “This is bigger than just me. This is an affront against all law enforcement.”

Arpaio faxed a complaint letter to Tower Records’ corporate headquarters this week, saying that the company has aided in the distribution of a CD that promotes murder and “gross behavior.”

The disc was apparently recorded by Gary Barocsi, who goes by “G Rival.” It contains lyrics such as “I hate the law, I would love to bash the police in the jaw, rub their flesh till it’s raw and soak ’em in gas” and “killin’ pigs is fun when you really hate ’em.” The cover art was drawn on a jail rules-and-regulations sheet and features a drawing of Arpaio in a sexual position with a dog. Barocsi, 32, has been in and out of Maricopa County jails on charges that include arson, aggravated assault and misconduct involving weapons.

Wendy Powell, a spokeswoman for Tower Records, said many stores sell music by local artists but they don’t always review the lyrics. “We really believe in the First Amendment,” she said. “But in this case, we had to recognize responsibility to the community. It’s been taken care of.”


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