Pataki Aide Was Investigated In Parole Case: Voice


Dan Wiese, a top law enforcement aide to New York Gov. George Pataki, protected the Pataki administration from a federal criminal inquiry, charges the Village Voice. The Voice says Wiese was investigated on obstruction-of-justice allegations in connection with a case involving the sale of state paroles for Pataki campaign contributions. Despite the assertion of his self-incrimination privilege in a probe involving possible abuse of his state police powers, Wiese promoted to colonel last year, says the newspaper. Wiese, 48, was later named to a new $160,000 job as director of security for the State Power Authority, putting him in charge of protecting 21 terrorist-vulnerable power facilities across New York.

Wiese refused to comment. The Voice says the tale “paints a disturbing picture of the abuse of law-enforcement power.”


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