Moose Giving Motivational Talks For High Fees


Charles A. Moose, the police chief who led the investigation into the Washington, D.C.-area sniper attacks, “appears to have begun a transition from top cop to lecture hall sage,” reports the Indidnapolis Star.

Moose, 50, former chief in Montgomery County, Md., gave a “motivational lecture” last night at Martin University in Indiana. “We never know where the next crisis can be,” Moose told an audience of several hundred. “Smart people ask for help.”

Recalling the sniper investigation, Moose said, “We thought it could be terrorism, it could be al-Qaida, it could be a couple of kids living out a video game that they played at the mall,” he said. “But we refused to present an image of defeat.” Moose lost out recently as a candidate to become police chief in Minneapolis.

The Star said it was not disclosed how much Moose was paid for the lecture, which was sponsored by Steward & Associates, a local African-American group. Typically, he is paid $20,000 to $30,000 for talks, according to the Web site of Keppler Associates, a Washington, D.C., events company that represents the former chief..


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