Condit Sues Tabloids Over Chandra Levy Stories


The case of murdered intern Chandra Levy is still alive, at least in the courts and the media. Former California Rep. Gary Condit seeks $209 million from three tabloids, saying they published “false and defamatory articles” linking him to the Levy killing. The Associated Press reports that Condit sued The National Enquirer, Globe, and Star Magazine, and their parent American Media Inc. The company defends “the editorial integrity of what we have published.”

Condit’s lawsuit charges that, “Many of the false and defamatory articles, their headlines and the statements contained therein conveyed that Plaintiff Condit was involved in deviant and perverted sexual conduct which directly or indirectly led to the kidnapping and/or murder of Ms. Levy.” The case is blamed for Condit’s defeat in a March 2002 primary election.


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