White Says Boston Police Minority Edge Unjustified


An unsuccessful white applicant to the Boston Police Department has sued the city, arguing that it hires officers in an unconstitutional “quota-based system” that favors minorities, the Associated Press reports. Paul DeLeo Jr., 27, files suit to change the policies and to be hired.

The lawsuit says that since the mid-1970s, under a federal judge’s order meant to address discrimination against minorities, one minority police officer has been hiredbfor each white officer. DeLeo says he was passed over in favor of minorities, even though he was better qualified. The department has achieved its goal of “rough parity,” the lawsuit alleged.

Boston attorney Harold Lichten, representing DeLeo, said that because the department has reached its goal, it is unconstitutional to continue the old hiring practices. Lichten has won a similar case challenging hiring practices for city firefighters.

Link: http://www.boston.com/news/local/massachusetts/articles/2003/12/17/boston_police_minority_hiring_challe

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