Latest Software Flaw Indicates Dire Outlook for Online Crime


This year was one of the worst for cybercrime, as hackers repeatedly demonstrated just how easy it is to use the latest software security holes, worms and viruses to attack businesses and trick unwitting Internet users into divulging their personal and financial information.

And 2004 could be worse, reports the Washington Post.

A hint of just how bad came this week when yet another flaw in Microsoft’s ubiquitous Internet Explorer surfaced. The flaw gives criminals the ability to control what is displayed in the address bar in a victim’s browser window.

The implications are significant. A savvy criminal could use a cleverly designed e-mail to trick a victim into visiting what looks like a trusted Web site — like a bank site or — but which in fact is nothing more than a page designed to fool a victim into entering credit card numbers, passwords and other sensitive information.

Microsoft said it was investigating a software patch to fix the flaw.


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