Connecticut Sues Maker Of Zylon Police Vests


Connecticut officials have sued a company that makes “bulletproof” vests, demanding refunds for vests that can’t stop bullets, the Associated Press says. The lawsuit was filed yesterday against Second Chance Body Armor Inc. of Central Lake, Mich.

The vests are woven with the synthetic fiber Zylon, which apparently weakens more quickly than expected. Their durability was called into question, when an undercover suburban Pittsburgh police officer was injured in June by a bullet piercing his vest.

Second Chance has offered free bulletproof pads to add to the vests. If officers do not want those pads, which add weight, they can buy new vests at discounted prices. Greg Smith, a spokesman for Second Chance, did not comment on the case but said his firm was the only vest-maker to make the issue about Zylon problems public. The company has discontinued the two models of the Zylon-based vest that had problems.


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