Firefighters Create CD To Teach Antiterror Basics


With vivid graphics and soaring music, the interactive CD resembles a Xbox game, complete with movie trailers and varying camera angles, reports the Los Angeles Times. Titled “Responder 911,” it was designed by two Santa Ana, Ca., firefighters to help colleagues, police, and medical response teams learn the basics of being the first to arrive on the scene of a terrorist attack. “Police officers go out on murders and we go out on fires, but we all don’t go out on terrorist attacks every day,” said Jim Melton, 51, who helped design the CD. “We’re giving them situations to think about and reminders of what to do.”

Melton and Jon Muir, 33, spent $75,000 of their own and two years of their free time turning the dry governmentese of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s 99-page terrorism handbook into something a little less sleep-inducing. The CD includes a test to help viewers practice for a FEMA exam that must be taken to earn a certificate for terrorism training. Though law enforcement agencies are not required to obtain FEMA certificates, the agency says its guidelines offer a game plan for the first agencies arriving on the scene of a disaster.

Early reviews of the CD have been positive.


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