Mass. Reports String of “Shaken Baby” Cases


In what may be the seventh case of “shaken baby syndrome” in last eight months, a baby boy from Webster, Mass., was in critical condition last night after suffering severe brain injuries, the Boston Globe reports.

An investigation is focusing on a day-care provider who cared for the 3-month-old all day Tuesday, as well as the boy’s parents, who live in the same town with two older children. The

day-care provider noticed that the baby had been “uncomfortable” during the day, and had a “bump” on his body. She was in regular contact with the baby’s mother during the day with updates, and said she had did not harm the child.

Harry Spence, the commissioner of the state Department of Social Services, described a disturbing number of “shaken baby syndrome” cases, in which caretakers handle infants or small children so violently, often out of frustration, that they cause life-threatening injuries. Since April, he said, seven Massachusetts children have been victims, including an infant whose 21-year-old father is accused of shaking him in a violent rage.


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