Pa. Finally Releases Info on Arrests of Troopers; 107 Collared in 8 Years


After months of requests for the information, the Pennsylvania State Police released a list showing that 107 troopers have been arrested over the last eight years, including 82 officers accused of criminal offenses.

Gov. Rendell said the report “shows that there is a problem” within the state police, reports the Philadelphia Inquirer.

“An arrest or two a year is probably inevitable,” but the report indicates “a very high number,” he said.

Of the troopers involved, 82 were charged with criminal offenses – such as rape, assault and driving under the influence – according to the list compiled by the Bureau of Professional Responsibility and the Department Disciplinary Office. The release of the arrests, which included the names and barracks of those charged, came after reporters had asked for the information in mid-September.


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