Lack of Law Makes Colorado a Haven for Identity Thieves


Identity thieves are drawn to Colorado because it is one of two states that do not have an identity theft law, reports the Denver Post. Vermont and the District of Columbia also lack such a law.

The Federal Trade Commission estimates that one in four Coloradans in the next 12 months will have their identity assumed by someone else.

“Identity theft criminals have chosen Colorado because when they do get caught, they get a hand slap,” said Bill Swords, who heads a grassroots group called Stop ID Theft … A Colorado Coalition.

The Post says a Colorado state representative is now drafting legislation to deal with the nation’s fastest-growing crime.

This time of year, fraught with holiday shopping chaos, is prime time for people to have their identities assumed, leaving victims open to civil liabilities, damaged credit and possible criminal prosecution.

Thieves crave checks, which they wash with fingernail polish remover and then fill in the blanks, and fill their pockets with someone else’s money. The thieves want numbers – from Social Security, bank accounts and credit cards.


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