Monitor Editorial: Report Shows Need to Reconsider Sex Offender Laws


From an editorial in the Christian Science Monitor:

A recent Justice Department report suggests that state sex-offender laws may need revisiting. The study finds former sex offenders are much less likely to be rearrested than other former criminals after their release from prison.

In fact, of the 9,691 men convicted of rape, sexual assault, or child molestation who were released in 1994, only 5.3 percent were arrested for another sex crime after their release. The percentage of those that were actually convicted after their second arrest was down in the 3 percent range. Forty-three percent were rearrested within three years – that contrasts with a rearrest rate of 68 percent for inmates serving time for a variety of other crimes.

Do these statistics undercut the rationale for so-called Megan’s laws passed by all 50 states?


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