Marijuana Use Losing Political Stigma?


Has the use of marijuana lost its stigma among political candidates?

Lots of politicians, including three of the Democratic presidential candidates, show no fear of fessing up to lighting up in their wild-oats days, reports the Los Angeles Times. Indeed, some who deny dabbling in illegal drugs give the impression that instead of feeling self-righteous, they’re a little nervous about coming across as dishonest or just square.

Times have changed since one of President Reagan’s Supreme Court nominees was jettisoned because of pot smoking in his past, and even over the decade since candidate Bill Clinton felt obliged to equivocate about whether he inhaled.

“We’re just facing reality. People do a lot of things when they’re young,” said Joseph Califano, chairman of Columbia University’s National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse and a former U.S. health secretary.


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