More Than 1,300 Search for Missing UND Student


More than 1,300 volunteer searchers pored over miles of farmland and frozen river in Fisher, Minn. Tuesday looking for any sign of a University of North Dakota student apparently abducted Saturday, the Grand Forks (N.Dak.) Herald reported.

They hoped to find Dru Sjodin’s cell phone, concentrating their search around a cell phone tower that had carried the last known signal from her phone.

Sjodin, 22, was in the parking lot at the Columbia Mall about 5 p.m. Saturday talking on her cell phone to her boyfriend in the Twin Cities. She said either “Oh no,” or “Oh my God,” and the phone disconnected.

Her boyfriend, who has not been identified by police and is not considered a suspect, received another call from her cell phone at about 7:40 p.m. Saturday. No one spoke on the phone and it quickly was disconnected.

However, a signal from the phone continued for 24 hours, according to the Sprint telephone company, which told police about noon Sunday the cell phone was located within three to four miles of the tower west of Fisher.

Investigators found several things they described only as “items of interest” but did not find Sjodin’s cell phone. One officer said he hopes that she is in a building in that area with a cell phone with dead batteries.


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