Globe Again Outs Bryant Accuser, Critics Complain


The tabloid newspaper The Globe is publishing another cover photograph of the woman who has accused basketball star Kobe Bryant of sexual assault. Advocates for sexual assault are calling for a boycott.

The Denver Post says the headlines with the Globe photo read, “Kobe accuser had sex with key witness” and “Bombshell will blow trial apart.”

The Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault has issued asked major grocery-store chains in the state to pull the issue from newsstands. Many retailers complied last time, refusing to sell the magazine outright or holding it behind customer-service counters rather than displaying it openly.

On its Web site, the Globe says “sources told the Globe that the 19-year-old woman … told them she had sex with the prosecution’s star witness, Bobby Pietrack – a week before she met Bryant.” Pietrack, a bellhop at the lodge where the June 30 incident occurred, is believed to be the prosecution’s main witness who can testify to the woman’s immediate reaction.

Bryant, 25, has admitted to having sex with the woman but says the liaison was consensual. Lin Wood, an Atlanta attorney who has represented John and Patsy Ramsey in pursuing libel charges for erroneous reports surrounding the death of their daughter, JonBenét, said he has had conversations with the woman’s attorney but has not been retained. “I would say general discussions have centered on media coverage,” Wood said. “I think there’s certainly issues concerning her right of privacy and issues concerning the appropriation of her … likeness for commercial profit.”


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