Floridian Accused Of Abortion Clinic Bomb Plan


Stephen John Jordi, a former Army Ranger who sports a flaming crucifix on one forearm, has been arrested on federal charges related to a planned firebombing campaign against abortion clinics. The FBI says Jordi, 35, of Coconut Creek, Fla., was targeting doctors who terminate pregnancies, gays, and some churches that refused to take a tough stance against abortion, the Miami Herald says.

Jordi was arrested Tuesday night near glitzy South Beach when he jumped off a boat that he shared with a government informant who had convinced him he was a brother-in-arms for the cause, the Herald reported. Agents spent 45 minutes corraling Jordi, who ducked under docks and boats.

The case started with a call from Jordi’s brother in Alabama who warned a joint terrorism task force that his younger sibling was threatening to blow up abortion clinics.

An informant, posing as a former police officer with strong views against abortion and gays, introduced himself to Jordi after a church service. “I don’t have the means to kill abortion doctors, but I do have the means to bomb clinics,” Jordi said in a secretly taped conversation. “Maybe that way I can dissuade other doctors from performing abortions.”

Link: http://www.miami.com/mld/miamiherald/news/local/7249996.htm

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