S.F. Cops, Schools Squabble Over Anticrime Role


San Francisco police want the public schools to do more about escalating violence in and around schools, but educators say they’ve done all they can, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. The dispute arose after last week’s shooting death of a high school student on a public bus.

Deputy Police Chief Rick Bruce said the school district must take more responsibility for the growing violence among its students. “The district has attempted to distance itself by saying this is a police problem, it has nothing to do with the schools,” he said. “That’s very disingenuous. By attempting to totally remove themselves, they are doing a disservice to the kids. They are pretending that the kids that go to school have nothing to do with the violence on the streets.”

School officials have a different view. “I don’t see our schools are being in a crisis around violence,” said Elois Brooks, the schools’ chief academic officer. “We believe we’ve done all that we can do inside of the building. … It’s like a parent — the schools can’t keep their eyes on students outside of that building.” The bus shooting took place after school two blocks away from the school. “Schools can’t do it alone,” said school board member Dan Kelly. “We really only have the young people about six hours a day, and there’s a lot going on in our lives in the other 18 hours.”

A number of ideas surrounding safety on buses have floated around the district, including stationing police officers on buses or redrawing bus routes to make them safer.

Link: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2003/11/11/BAGV42UT141.DTL

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