Justices To Hear Guantanamo Case; First Since 9/11


The Supreme Court today agreed to hear the first cases stemming from the federal government’s anti-terrorism efforts after the September 11, 2001 attacks, says the Associated Press. The justices will consider whether foreigners held at the Guantanamo U.S. Navy base in Cuba should have access to American courts.

The appeals were filed by British, Australian, and Kuwaiti citizens held with more than 600 others suspected of being Taliban or al-Qaida aents. The court will hear the consolidated case next year. Lower courts have ruled that the U.S. civilian court system did not have authority to hear the men’s complaints about their treatment.

Link: http://customwire.ap.org/dynamic/stories/S/SCOTUS_GUANTANAMO_PRISONERS?SITE=OHCLE&SECTIO

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