Leung “Triple Cross” Case Gives Agents “Apoplexy”



It’s a spy story that almost has become lost amid news of the war in Iraq and the battle against terrorists. U.S. News & World Report tells the tale of Katrina Leung, prominent Chinese-American bookstore owner, business consultant, and Republican fundraiser. and “top-drawer Chinese spy.” The magazine says that the Justice Department’s inspector general, “sweeping up behind the elephants in this three-ring circus, is examining the seemingly endless series of management failures and will, eventually, issue a report.”

U.S. News says that “beneath the sordid details is one very sobering prospect: Katrina Leung and her two G-man lovers might just possibly have blown two decades of intelligence work on China sky-high.” It quotes a senior FBI official, Bruce Carlson, as saying that if Leung’s “information” actually came from Chinese security agencies, the entire FBI exercise was, in all probability, a sham. “The FBI must now reassess all of its actions and intelligence analysis based on her reporting.”

The possible ramifications have sent intelligence veterans into fits of apoplexy. “This is just perfectly ghastly,” says James Lilley, former ambassador to China. “These two FBI case officers were fools. And she made a monkey out of them and fed them a lot of tainted information, which they fed straight into the White House.”

Link: http://www.usnews.com/usnews/issue/031110/usnews/10spy_3.htm

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