Lawyer Leaves Hospital After Ca. Court Shooting


A lawyer shot by a case participant outside a courthouse in Van Nuys, Ca., says he is lucky to be alive. Gerry Curry, 53, was released from a hospital after being shot in the arm and neck by a man identified by police as William Strier, 64. It was another example of the proposition that it typically is not criminal cases that generate the most courthouse strife.

The Associated Press reports that dramatic television footage from television crews covering Robert Blake’s murder case at the same courthouse showed Curry trying to hide behind a tree as Strier fired a revolver. “It’s weird. It’s the kind of thing that always happens to someone else,” Curry said. “This is the thing you see on TV, but this time it happened to me. But the main thing is that I survived, so I’m very grateful.” Strier is jailed on suspicion of attempted murder.

Curry never had met Strier, but had heard about prior threats. Strier charged that a trustee chosen by the court to manage his trust fund was withholding money he needed for medical care.


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