Mn. Paper IDs Police Informant After Sodomy Charge


The Minneapolis Star Tribune has identified a police informant. The decision came after the man appeared at a press conference to assert that a Minneapolis police officer sodomized him during a drug raid. The newspaper’s story declared that the accuser “was a confidential informant for the officer, sources with knowledge of the case said.”

“The central question, I think, is, was this accurate information,” says Executive Editor Anders Gyllenhaal, according to Minneapolis’s City Pages newspaper. “And we felt confident that it was–we still do. It’s not a decision that’s made lightly, and not the sort of thing we do very often, as a rule.”

The St. Paul Pioneer press warned of the decision’s possible consequences. “I wouldn’t want any informant name out there,” the paper quoted Dan Grout, a recently retired lieutenant with the Minneapolis Police Department. “That’s signing a death warrant.”


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