Domestic Violence Murder in North Carolina Galvanizes Advocates


A domestic violence murder last weekend in Monroe, N.C., has galvanized advocates, according to the New York Times.

Tracey Helms, 25, was beaten to death with a shovel in her front yard. The waitress had tried to harbor a friend and co-worker against the woman’s abusive estranged husband, according to the Charlotte Observer. The man is in custody, charged with murder.

The killing, during Domestic Violence Awareness Month, was the 47th domestic violence slaying in North Carolina this year, the paper reported.

The Times, meanwhile, said:

“There is no shortage of domestic-violence horror stories, but this one seems to have struck a nerve. Publicity has pushed the grief far beyond the soybean fields and pastures that ring Monroe, 18 miles southeast of Charlotte. Domestic-violence crusaders from all over are citing the brutal killing, last Saturday, in urging a new direction in the movement, one focused not so much on empowering women as on changing men.”

(The links accompanying this item connect with the Times piece and two from the Observer–one a news story about the murder, the other a column by an associate editor of the paper.)


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