D.C. Police Corruption Probe Ends With a Whimper

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A six-year investigation into Washington, D.C., police corruption that once promised to shake up the city’s department has quietly ended.

In the end, only one cop, the original target of the probe, was charged.

The case was front-page news in 1997, when the police lieutenant was charged with extortion, fraud and embezzlement. The lieutenant was the roommate of D.C. police chief Larry Soulsby, who abruptly resigned.

The case looked as if it could reach deep into the police department, according to the Washington Post. Now, after years of work by the FBI and other agencies, authorities say the probe is over. It hardly touched the police department.

The former chief, retired at age 53, recently broke years of silence on the issue. “I said all along I didn’t do anything wrong. I knew, and my friends knew, and people who knew me knew I was not involved in corruption in the department,” Soulsby told the Post. “I was hurt, but never bitter.”

Link: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A50465-2003Oct19.html

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