Indiana Tightens Background Checks On Handguns

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New Indiana rules will subject every handgun buyer to a federal background check, the Indianapolis Star says. In the last decade, handgun owners faced a federal check only when they renewed a state permit to carry a gun every four years. State and federal background checks are not required if a customer shows a valid permit

Some gun dealers say the rules are flawed and will add up to 20 minutes to transactions. They apply to gun shops and to dealers who set up booths at gun shows. Under the new rules, dealers will have to call the FBI directly for every customer. The rules will keep Indiana in compliance with the federal Brady law on handgun purchases.

Last year, state and FBI background checks resulted in the rejection of 1.7 percent of 7.8 million prospective gun buyers nationally, says the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics. According to the State Police, 16,608 checks initiated in Indiana resulted in 294 rejections. About 320,000 Hoosiers have permits to carry handguns.

Rob Wilcox of the Brady Campaign To End Gun Violence in Washington, said the new rules for Indiana would provide greater protection against violence, outweighing any inconvenience for gun dealers and customers.

But Don Davis, owner of Don’s Guns and Galleries in Indianapolis, said background checks will not prevent guns from falling into the hands of those legally barred from having them. “The Brady Bill stinks,” he said. “Here’s where it falls short: When the gun leaves Don’s Guns, we can tell you who bought it. But after that, there is no law.” That means a customer can pass a background check, purchase a handgun at a store and then sell it to someone banned from buying it


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