Grand Jury Indicts Conn. Judge Over Bribery Case

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A federal grand jury Thursday indicted Connecticut Superior Court Judge Daniel E. Brennan Jr. on charges that he obstructed and lied to FBI agents who were investigating an allegation that he was willing to take a bribe.

The Hartford Courant reports Brennan is believed to be the first state judge in Connecticut history to be criminally prosecuted.

Brennan became the subject of a federal investigation based on allegations made to FBI agents by William A. Trudeau Jr., a criminal defendant in another federal case, according to the indictment against Brennan.

In January 2001, the indictment charges, Brennan asked Trudeau for a $62,500 personal loan. According to the indictment, Trudeau “understood” that Brennan would not have to repay the loan if Brennan used his influence as a judge to obtain a favorable resolution for Trudeau in the federal fraud case.

The indictment charges that on Feb. 6, 2001, Trudeau gave Brennan a $10,000 check drawn on the account of Trudeau’s uncle. Brennan accepted the check and signed an informal receipt on the back of his business card. Brennan converted the check into a cashier’s check in his name, the indictment says.

The FBI began investigating Brennan after learning of the $10,000 transaction.


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