9/11 Anniversary Roundup

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On the second anniversary of the terrorist attacks on American soil, Osama Bin Laden appeared in a newly released videotape to exhort his acolytes to action while President Bush pushed for strengthening of the controversial ‘Patriot Act.’

Among other stories:

–The Los Angeles Times reports that Al Qaeda maintains a largely invisible but extensive presence in the United States that includes logistical support, recruiting and fund-raising operatives and financial conduits linking them to the terrorist organization’s global network. Several senior U.S. officials told the Times they are only now realizing the full extent of Al Qaeda operations in the United States.

-–The New York Times reviews changes at American airports, where “the most Americans, about a billion passengers last year, have seen the post-Sept. 11 changes up close.” Some of those changes are obvious: the 49,600 federal security agents, mammoth bag-screening machines, hundreds of pilots carrying guns. Others are not so obvious, including the fewer flights and passengers.

–The Christian Science Monitor’s review of changes in American life in the past two years concludes: “Terrorism and the US response have introduced a powerful new narrative into the national culture. There is – obviously – a big difference now in how the US government conducts itself in the world.”

–And William Bunch of the Philadelphia Daily News asks, “Why after 730 days do we know so little about what really happened that day?” He poses 20 questions.


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