New Orleans, Denver Cops Top Fitness Competition

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Police officers from Tampa, Denver, Detroit, and New Orleans competed in a 12-week physical fitness program, the New Orleans Times-Picayune says. It’s called the “Body for Life Challenge, sponsored by EAS, a maker of nutritional supplements.

Each city had five cops rated on factors like pounds of fat lost, pounds of muscle gained and percentage of body fat whittled away. The winning team’s prize was $10,000 to the charity of its choice. When results were tabulated, New Orleans tied Denver for first place. The team donated its $5,000 share to the New Orleans Police Foundation.

Police Superintendent Eddie Compass was among team members who posted impressive numbers, losing about 30 pounds. Lt. David Benelli, who dropped 35 pounds, said “my body fat was at like 30 percent and now it’s down to 18 percent. And I went from size 42 pants to size 38. But more importantly, my endurance picked up. I’m running 3½ miles four days a week, where before I couldn’t walk up the stairs without huffing and puffing.”

Said Detective Joe Goines: “It used to be I was a little sluggish; I was about ready for bed when I got home,” he said. “Now, I get off work, I go to the gym and do some work around the house before I even think about going to bed.”


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