Virginia DMV Manual Error Causes Drivers to Flunk

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A misprint in the Virginia DMV study manual has led to flunked tests for drivers confused by an exam question that appears to have no correct response, the Washington Post reports.

Just one wrong answer in the test’s opening section of 10 questions merits an automatic failure.

Unless the test-taker realizes that the manual and the test question are at odds and points this out to the testing clerk, the applicant is instructed to return later, stand in line again and pay a $2 retesting fee if it’s within two weeks.

The problem began last month with the printing of a new DMV manual that transposed the definitions for two signs that indicate whether a divided highway is beginning or ending.

The question appears randomly on some computerized driver’s license exams. However, none of the four possible answers — one of which is correct — matches what’s printed in the test manual.

DMV officials say they discovered the error shortly after the manual was printed in July. The booklets were distributed as planned to the state’s 72 DMV offices along with instructions to include a slip of paper correcting the mistake.

Manuals collected this week at two busy DMV offices in Northern Virginia included the 3-by-11-inch correction slips, although officials acknowledge that they’re easy to overlook and can fall out.

The manual will be reprinted this year, officials said. In the meantime, software programmers are looking at ways to keep the question from appearing on the exam.


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