Geoghan’s Alleged Killer Called ‘Spawn of the Devil’ By Detective, Detailed Attack to Investigators

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The Associated Press reports that Joseph Druce, the man accused of strangling former priest John Geoghan killed a gay man in 1988.

While awaiting trail for that crime, a psychiatrist examined him and wrote that Druce was “Angry, frustrated, blaming, remorseless, intense determined man, believes in Satan, unafraid, laughing as he declares his intent to kill himself.”

In the murder, prosecutors said that Druce, then 22, and a friend – who later testified for the prosecution – were picked up hitchhiking by George Rollo, 51. Rollo allegedly made an advance on Druce, who began to beat the victim, then tied his hands and feet and put him in the trunk of the car, police said.

The two took Rollo to a deserted parking lot at a theater in Beverly where, despite Rollo’s pleas for mercy, Druce strangled Rollo, prosecutors said.

“I would say he’s the spawn of the devil,” said Lt. Joseph Aiello, the officer who investigated the case. “He’s a very evil person, one of the most vicious I’ve ever seen.”

The Boston Globe reports that Druce has detailed his monthlong plan for the attack on Geoghan to investigators.

He ripped pages out of a book so it would make perfectly-sized wedge to jam Geoghan’s cell door shut. He stretched socks so they would be more useful for strangulation. And he had a razor in his pocket.

“He considered Geoghan a prize because he was so consumed with hatred toward homosexuals,” Worcester District Attorney John J. Conte said.

He got into Geoghan’s by telling him “there was something about his coffee that he didn’t like and he wanted to trade,” Conte said.


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