Kobe Bryant’s Trial By Media Continues

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As the Kobe Bryant sexual assault case continues to be tried in the media, the accuser’s story is getting more play via accounts from friends. One friend, Luke Bray, relayed her description of the evening to the Denver Post. The woman supposedly gave Bryant a tour of the Colorado resort where he was staying after knee surgery, but realized late in the evening that she had to be back at the front desk. “Once she told him she had to leave, his attitude started to change,” Bray said. “From there the story gets crazy.”

Bray said the woman has obvious physical injuries that are still visible three weeks after the incident. “I can’t wait for this to get in front of a jury so they can see what happened,” Bray said. “Their jaws will hit the floor, and they will convict him.” The Los Angeles Lakers star maintains that it is a case of consensual sex.

The Vail Daily reports that the accuser’s friends are being asked to be silent about the case. “I would encourage people to not talk to the media,” said Krista Flannigan, spokeswoman for the District Attorney’s Office. “If they have information, they should give it to the district attorney. The district attorney is prosecuting the case, not the media.”

The mother of one of the alleged victim’s friends said it bluntly: “These kids are not helping,” she said. “It’s time for these kids to stop talking, or it’s time for their parents to make them stop talking.”

The Orange County, Ca., Register denied a report that it had tricked one of the accuser’s friends, Lindsen McKinney, into talking about the woman’s drug overdose that is expected to be raised in the case. A Register editor told Poynter.org, “We believe our reporters obtained this story through solid, above-board reporting. Lindsey McKinney knew she was talking to a reporter from the Register….after we had already gotten two other sources to speak with us on the record about the overdose…Later that evening, Lindsey’s mother called…and urged [us] not to use her daughter’s name in association with this story. But the Register has a firm policy of using only named sources for our stories.”

Link: http://www.denverpost.com/Stories/0,1413,36~53~1527303,00.html

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