Psychics: Crime Solvers Or Phonies?

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Can psychics really help solve crimes? Carla Baron, a Los Angeles-based psychic consulted with the family of Svetlana Aronov, the New York City Upper East Side book dealer whose body was found May in the East River. The Chicago Tribune says that friends of Aronov, who reached out to Baron and other psychics for help, now say they wish they hadn’t. They described late-night calls and outlandish scenarios that led them on roller coasters of hope and despair.

When people disappear in high-profile cases, cloaked in mystery and lacking leads, psychics claiming insight are sure to materialize. Families and experts say they can raise false hopes with devastating results.

Psychics say they have solved cases, but skeptics say they have achieved no successes, only a handful of coincidences. Police say they will take a tip from a psychic just as they will hear out any member of the public.

“Families always go to psychics,” said a former New York detective. “If somebody’s missing in your family and somebody calls on the phone and says, ‘Listen, I think I could help,’ you’re going to listen.”


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