Chicago Prosecutors Find Merit in Brutality Cases

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One year after they began investigating charges that former Chicago Police Commander Jon Burge and his officers tortured murder suspects, two special prosecutors have decided that the long-standing allegations have merit, the Chicago Tribune reports.

They have yet to amass the evidence they need to prove the claims, although they have been winning some cooperation from police officers who will be key to that effort and whom they have subpoenaed. “We believe something happened. You’d have to be a chump not to,” said prosecutor Edward Egan. “But whether I can say as a prosecutor that I can prove somebody guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, that’s an entirely different matter.”

The prosecutors have gathered 130,000 documents–a total of more than 1 million sheets of paper–that chronicle the legacy of one of Chicago’s most enduring police scandals. They have uncovered nearly two dozen new cases–bringing to 86 the total number they are investigating. They began on 12 Death Row cases. They hope to make internal decisions on nearly 30 cases in the next few months and finish the rest by the end of the year.


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