Thousands are missing, few get media coverage

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Two years ago, a 26-year-old pregnant woman named Angelina Evans left a Sacramento motel and never was seena gain. Yet hardly anyone has heard of the case, although tens of millions know about the current search for Laci Peterson. The Sacramento Bee explores this phenomonon. Sacramento police say Evans worked as a prostitute. “Regardless,” said her grandmother, “she was still a person, and she was loved.” How some missing children and adults come to be ingrained in the national consciousness — while others don’t — can be grossly unfair, said Kim Pasqualini of The Nation’s Missing Children Organization & Center for Missing Adults. Pasqualini’s Phoenix-based organization was the only one to consistently keep in touch with the Evans family, family members said.

There are 38,300 missing adults nationwide, according to federal statistics, Pasqualini said. Of those, 3,745 are missing women between the ages of 22 and 29, including Peterson and Evans.


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